International Forum to Explore Challenges and New Developments in Access to Civil Justice

The International Access to Justice Forum 2023, jointly organized by the University of California Irvine (UCI) Law Initiative for Inclusive Civil Justice and Victoria Law Foundation, will take place from October 11-13, 2023 at UCI Law. The international conference aims to bring together scholars, researchers, practitioners, and court and dispute resolution experts to share insights on new developments and discuss ongoing challenges in access to civil justice. Organizers invite presentations on a range of topics based in civil justice.  The deadline to submit proposals is May 31, 2023. Register for the International Access to Justice Forum by June 30, 2023.

For more information, or to submit a proposal, please visit:

New Book Offers Insights on Access to Justice across Rural Areas Globally

A newly published book explores access to justice in rural areas in internationally comparable contexts.  Access to Justice in Rural Communities: Global Perspectives edited by Daniel Newman and Faith Gordon highlights diverse social, geographic and cultural issues affecting how rural communities experience the justice system, how these experiences might differ from those of urban areas, and impacts of policy changes on access to justice in rural areas.

Access to Justice in Rural Communities: Global Perspectives includes the following chapters:

Foreword, Russell Hogg (University of New South Wales, Australia)

1. Rural Access to Justice, Daniel Newman (Cardiff University, UK) and Faith Gordon (The Australian National University, Australia)

2. A Survey of Policy Responses to the Rural Attorney Shortage in the United States, Kelly V Beskin (University of California, USA) and Lisa R Pruitt (University of California, USA)

3. Alcohol Laws, Rural Communities and Access to Justice in Kenya, Joseph K Rono (Moi University, Kenya) and Emmanuel K Bunei (University of New England, Australia)

4. Accessibility to Justice for Rural Livestock Farmers in Selected Provinces of South Africa: Rural Communities and the Justice System, Witness Maluleke (Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa)

5. Why Doesn’t a Mother Whose Son was Murdered Seek Justice? A Critical Approach to the Relationship between Socio-Cultural Structure and Access to Justice in Rural Communities by Reconstructing the Sabahattin Ali’s Kagni (The Oxcart) Short Story, Murat Madenüs (Turkish General Command of Gendarmerie, Turkey)

6. Rethinking Access to Justice for Indigenous Peoples, Fiona Allison (James Cook University, Australia) and Chris Cunneen (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)

7. Barriers to Access to Justice for Members of the Traveller Community: Rediscrimination within the Equality System, Fiona Donson (University College Cork, Ireland) and Samantha Morgan-Williams (University College Cork, Ireland)

8. Older Victims, Legal Need and Access to Justice in Rural Communities in Northern Ireland, Faith Gordon (The Australian National university, Australia) and Kevin J Brown (Queen’s University Belfast, UK)

9. Litigants in Person and Rural Family Justice in England and Wales, Jess Mant (Monash University, Australia)

10. Overcoming Geographic Barriers: Towards a Framework for Facilitating Legal Service Delivery in Rural Communities in Canada, Lisa Moore (Canadian Forum on Civil Justice, Canada)

11. Conceptualising Rural Access to Justice as Supply Chains Primed for Transformation, Amanda L Kool (Sharebite, USA) and Hannah Haksgaard (University of South Dakota, USA)

12. ‘Restorative What?’ Young People’s Experiences of Accessing Justice in Rural Syria, Adnan Mouhiddin (Coventry University, UK)

13. A Retrospective on Rural Legal Service Provision: Lessons Emerging from International Research, Kim Economides (University of Southern Queensland, Australia) and Charles Watkins (University of Nottingham, UK)

14. Access to Rural Justice: Domestic Violence in Rural America, Ziwei Qi (Fort Hays State University, USA) and Christy Craig (Fort Hays State University, USA)

15. Rural Access to Justice and Beyond: Dimensions of Access as a Criterion for Understanding Lay Users’ Satisfaction with Remote Justice, Olumide Adisa (University of Suffolk, UK), Sue James (Cardiff University, UK) and Daniel Newman (Cardiff University, UK)

Afterword, Michele Statz (University of Minnesota, USA)

Access to Justice in Rural Communities: Global Perspectives was published by Hart Publishing. Additional information is available here:

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