Government of Nova Scotia Seeking Feedback from Justice System Users

A digital task force, led by the Department of Justice and the Nova Scotia Judiciary, has launched a public survey to gather information from court system users in Nova Scotia. The goal of the survey is to identify areas for improvement in Nova Scotia’s court system and areas where the courts are working well.

The survey represents the second step in the task force’s information-gathering efforts. Interviews were previously carried out with Nova Scotia court staff, judges, lawyers and others with a view to learning areas where the court system is overwhelmed; the types of guidance that are provided by the court system; the types of electronic filing and document management systems that are being used in the court system; when remote court attendance is being used and how it is working; and, in what ways the justice system can better address the need for more access to information. Findings from the survey will help to inform next steps in modernizing Nova Scotia’s courts using technology and digitization.

The public survey will remain open until March 31. It can be accessed online here:

Recently Revived Law Commission of Canada Launches Website

The recently revived Law Commission of Canada has launched its website. First established in 1971 and revived and funded under the 2021 federal budget, the Law Commission of Canada is a statutory body with a mandate to provide “independent advice on improvements, modernization and reform for a just legal system that meets the changing needs of Canadian society”. The website provides an overview of the Law Commission’s mandate, background and principles. The Law Commission’s efforts to make the Canadian justice system more accessible and efficient will be outlined in an annual report.

Visit the Law Commission website in English here: et en français ici :

The Law Commission of Canada Act is available online here:

The Law Commission of Canada is available on Twitter at @LawCommCan et @CommDroitCan.