A2J: Unaffordable Legal Services – Concepts and Solution

In the recently published “Access to Justice – Unaffordable Legal Services’ Concepts and Solutions”, Ken Chasse discusses a support services model that would offer more cost-efficient legal services delivery, maintain the current management structure of law societies and make legal services more adequately available. Chasse posits that, “the unaffordable legal services problem is not a legal problem” but rather, “a permanent civil service-type institute” that continuously develops and evolves can lend expertise to law societies about cost-cutting strategies that can be employed to make law services more affordable. To read more about this approach to counter unaffordable legal services, view Ken Chasse’s paper here.

Also related, read another recent publication by Ken Chasse -“No Votes in Justice Means More Wrongful Convictions”, that explores how “government neglect of the justice system reduces the quality of justice available”. This second paper is available here.